HLP: Zumba

The 90 minutes of Zumba was fun at Fit to Fab Fitness & that was the first time in 2018. I was accompanied by my sister who is an active member.

I guess my hlp records started by joining zumba & I am planning to join spinning class in Seria.

Below are photo of us that was taken after the zumba class on 9th June 2018:-


Random Post

I am not going to write a poem because I am not good in writing poem & maybe because of my english.But I enjoy reading poem.

Poems written by Lang Leav (well, ya’ll gotta be kidding if you do not know her) are always be my favorite. It’s alive, refreshing & relatable.

I’m writing this while sitting on my favorite sofa, drinking my teh tarik, the tv is on & so the radio , Liking all the awesome photos on instagram & read tweets about Dukun. Hell yeah, Will watch dukun I mean, I must watch Dukun even if people said it wasn’t good enough to scare them.

I need to end this random post & think of writing post on #deereview soon. Probably reviews on books that I’ve read & movies that I’ve watch. Sofar. I have a lot of TBR & I would like to manage my time in giving full attention on it.



P/s: I should be doing laundry & It’s already 10.30am. Sigh


I am officially Harmi’s wife on 28/01/2018. The event went well and I could not do anything without the help of my family. Life has been hectic as you all know & I have always wanted to write more on our wedding events but I think that I should keep things low so I’ll show you titsy bitsy pictures of us during the special event.

May Allah bless all of us with prosperity in life and guide us to do good deeds. Amiin Ya Rabbal Al- Amin.

So here you go.